"I have trained extensively in a variety of martial arts combined with weight training and hundreds upon hundreds of miles of running over a period of 40 plus years. Arthritis at 62 years old is an age and activity related problem that I just assumed was something an athletic man of my age would have to deal with. I do not use steroids or HGH to achieve my goals, but Ibuprofen, Tylenol or Aspirin became a regular part of my diet to deal with inflammation in various joints as a result of continued activity...Click below to continue reading

Scott Brown, 62

Retired Police Officer and Instructor of Lincoln TaeKwonDo

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Lisa Jackson, 51

JCPenny Operations Manager and Horse Enthusiast

Lisa Jackson, 51 years young, is as active as they come. Lisa is not only the operations manager at JCPenny, but is an avid horse enthusiast. Her typical day starts way before a lot of us would even consider waking up. Many times throughout the day, Lisa would find herself having to physically move and reposition products of all shapes and sizes around the store in order to fully maximize the attention of her customers. After 8-10 hours of her working day, Lisa is then greeted by the daily chores that come with her number one passion in life, her horses...Click below to continue reading.

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