I was raised in a small town in Tazewell County, Illinois named Delavan. Although I traveled extensively during my days as a young adult, I have primarily lived in central Illinois throughout my life. My wife Jean and I currently reside in rural Middletown, Illinois. We have raised three daughters all of whom have children of their own now. I was employed in the construction field at a younger age often performing strenuous manual labor while transporting and installing mobile homes for a brief period in California. Upon my return to central Illinois, I began employment with the Lincoln Police Department in Lincoln, Illinois. I was a patrol officer and Sergeant for just short of twenty-six years. I retired from the Lincoln Police Department in September 2007 at the age of fifty-two. After my retirement from the Lincoln Police, I began employment with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office as Courthouse Security. I have been employed in this capacity for the past nine years. I have included many part-time jobs for extra income throughout my law enforcement career that included landscaping and other construction oriented labor.

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I have always been active as I believed that to be your best at any occupation you must be physically able to withstand the rigors of the job you’re working. Law enforcement demands that you stay mentally and physically “sharp” because often times an officer will find need to physically restrain an individual. Due to the danger involved with this occupation, an officer needs to remain alert and not allow fatigue to be a negatively determining factor in how the job is done. Construction work of any sort requires the strength and stamina to complete the job as well. It is for this reason that I have remained active throughout my life with activities that include weight training, running and stretching.
My hobbies have included sky diving at a younger age with approximately thirty recorded jumps. I continue to run and weight train simply to maintain higher physical capabilities at this age. I learned the necessity of maintaining flexibility in joints and muscles through my extensive training in Taekwondo where I currently hold the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. I have trained in other martial arts that have included boxing and jujitsu as well.
Unfortunately, the rigors of construction work, along with the long hours of being awkwardly seated in a squad car while wearing the law enforcement officer’s “duty belt” has taken its toll. This, combined with the strenuous nature of the many activities I have been involved in, have left me with many age and activity related aches and pains. I have consumed hundreds of over the counter pain killers throughout my working life that include Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Aspirin. The stomach upset I often experienced to gain the temporary relief from the pain of inflammation became aggravating enough that I just decided to endure the pain.  

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My life's mantra has always been, "know your limits and then defy them!”. For as long as I can remember, I would mimic my martial artist parents by kicking and punching. From the age of three years old, my parents would include me with their regular practice in the art of Taekwondo. During this chapter in my life, I developed into a quite capable practitioner with opportunity to participate at several levels of competition. I successfully competed in state, national and international competitions where I accumulated quite a collection of gold medals. This included the opportunity to represent the United States National Taekwondo Federation’s U.S.A. team to Puerto Rico where I won in my respective weight division. As I got older, I continued with my belief that to excel in life, one must periodically force oneself out of our comfort zone. I love competition and desired to continue to push my limits within the combat arena.

A lack of discipline in this area will certainly take a negative toll on your body. Every major muscle group and just about every joint in my body was in some degree of pain throughout my training. This training very clearly showed me how prior injuries due to my competitive nature in my past sports could come back to haunt me. Pain and stiffness in my neck while on the bicycle and swimming reminded me of the nagging injuries from boxing. Pain from countless hours on the bicycle and running on the road consistently reminded me of how extensively I had used my knees and hips during my competitive years in Taekwondo.

It was during this training period in my life that I discovered the medicinal effects of Trimiracle. I have always been a fan of natural remedies and so I researched a natural means of dealing with inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of two of the primary ingredients of Trimiracle, Turmeric and Ginger, proved to offer effective pain relief to my neck and lower back due to the inflammation caused by such extensive training. I was literally able to push further and could train for longer periods of time. Trimiracle was so very effective in assisting me through such rigorous training that I have continued with daily use of this product. Trimiracle’s combination of three natural spices is not only effective in treating inflammation, but can have many other positive effects on the human body. The ingredients in this product are natural antioxidants and will in addition promote immune health. It helps to relieve pain from inflammation without the stomach upset or other negative effects on the body by over the counter medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Tylenol. I have taken a proactive approach to my health by adding Trimiracle to my morning list of vitamins. Trimiracle has continued to enhance my overall athletic performance in whatever new encounter I may choose to endeavor. I’m thankful for what this product has provided me and excited about what Trimiracle may do for you!

I combined knowledge I acquired from high school wrestling to my extensive training in Taekwondo and the basics of boxing to further test my capabilities in the “cage” of mixed martial arts. I proved successful as a competitor in this arena as well. Always ready to encounter something new, I further pursued my love for boxing and decided to once again test myself, this time within the amateur boxing ring. I found I was quite comfortable in this area of the fighting arts as well. I began training at a small boxing club in Peoria, Illinois and did well in the amateur ranks of boxing. My employer was required to move my manufacturing position temporarily to Toronto, Ontario in Canada where I continued training at a boxing club located there. As you have seen, I have always been comfortable in combative sports. I believed I was training in areas outside of my comfort zone until I broadened my horizons and began training for my first physique competition. A physique competition is very similar to body building. This experience proved much different in that I was forced to much higher levels of discipline in the training of my body. I had to pay close attention to my body’s water retention while targeting muscle growth in specific areas. I was glad to have experienced a physique show, but determined this to be a one-time endeavor. The most recent test of my limits and one of the most rigorous training regiments I’ve experienced came from my participation in the 2016 Lake Placid Ironman Competition. This Ironman Triathlon was held in Lake Placid, New York in July of 2016. An Ironman Triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride and a 26.2 mile marathon run to be completed in the same day. The event took place in the Adirondack Mountain range of New York. I feel blessed that God provided the strength and stamina to participate and finish this event. I was humbled by the truly rigorous nature of this competition and admired the professionals who were able to complete this event with phenomenally fast times. My training for this event consisted of a nine month long process of highly disciplined focus and preparation for the physical demands that would be placed upon my body. In addition, it was equally necessary to meet my nutritional needs during training while determining what foods and nutritional supplements could be tolerated during the course of this event. I had to take an even more in-depth approach to nutritional preparation than what I had experienced in my previous physique competition. I was forced to extensively learn about my body with regard to protein and carbohydrate ratios, salt absorption, water intake and much more. It was this experience that taught me most about my physical limits.

Our mission is to provide our customers with an all-natural supplement to relieve the everyday challenges of inflammation.

Our vision is to be the industry leader for an alternative option for inflammation with harsh side effects that long term use of over-the-counter medication can cause.

It was for this reason that I developed an interest in the medicinal effects of many natural remedies to relieve pain from inflammation without the heartburn and/or indigestion caused by over the counter pain killers. I have also studied the positive effects of combining certain foods to enhance my athletic performance. I have extensively researched and experimented with the combining of certain foods and spices over a period of years to help alleviate inflammation that has been the result of the highly active lifestyle I led at a younger age. I have concluded that the combined spices included in Trimiracle have had the most dramatic and consistent relief of pain from inflammation. Trimiracle is the combination of three common spices in a convenient capsule form that can help with alleviating pain due to inflammation from arthritis or simple over exertion. I have been able to eliminate over the counter pain medication from my diet due Trimiracle’s amazing effect on inflammation. This product has allowed me to stay highly active at the age of sixty-two with the promise of many more productive years to come. Many friends and acquaintances have found the same positive effects from the use of Trimiracle for the elimination of pain due to inflammation in their lives. I have been encouraged by those who have tried this product to market it as an alternative to over the counter pain killers. This is my story and how Trimiracle came to be!